Our commitment to FERAL CATS

Controlling feral cat colonies is a very important part of our work and we abide by the trap, neuter and release policy. 

Feral colonies can spread disease such as FELV and FIV and also deformed/ill kittens can be produced.

How we help

A cat trap is used to lure the cat with food and then the door closes behind them. We then take the cat to the vets to be neutered and also ear tipped. Ear tipping is when the section of the ear is removed to show the cat has been neutered as stopping reproduction is one of the key aspects of TNR.

Once recovered, the cat is then released back to the same area providing there is someone happy to continue feeding it.

Feral adults can rarely be tamed but in some circumstances they can be placed in farms or areas of safe ground with somebody to feed them. Feral kittens can often be tamed and in the majority of cases they are happily re-homed, this is usually with kittens caught before they are 10weeks old.

This is a very important practise although it costs us money in the form of vets bills we gain the knowledge that the cat is no longer at risk.